Don’t make this mistake if your car is covered in sand, which contains some radioactive particles.

Don't make this mistake if your car is covered in sand, which contains some radioactive particles.

A “Sirocco” crossed France and Belgium in the middle of the week. This is due to meteorological phenomenon moving sand storm From point A to point B. The storm headed for our country originated west of the Maghreb and had consequences as far as our country. This is usually a. Becomes the reason for yellowing of the sky and falling of sand on the ground. So many people found their car covered with a layer of sand.

Some people ran to the washing station but be careful… This sand deposited on the bodywork of your vehicle should be removed with caution, as written by L’Est Eclair.

beware of aggressive cleaning

this sand must be removed great care, Avoid automatic roller washthe risk that body scratching By rubbing sand grains.

don’t try to dry clean sand
or with a sponge, Which would create the same undesirable effect.

Another error: wash your car very quickly…and have to start again a few days later. it is better to waiting for the end of this episode To wash your vehicle. Saharan dust cloud forecast until Saturday 19 March,

high pressure washing

Ideal for removing as much sand as possible without the risk of damaging the bodywork: the high pressure lance, But don’t go closer than a foot to the jet. One Garden hose To remove most of the deposited sand, can also do the trick.

Failure to wash the vehicle at all may cause irreversible paint damage of your body.

Sahara sand contains few radioactive particles

In addition, as mentioned Parisian, the sands of the Sahara contain radioactive particles, more precisely cesium 137 (Cs 137). The desert, in fact, has been a nuclear test ground For many countries, including France, the USSR, China or the United States. “Like all soils in the Northern Hemisphere, the soil of the Sahara has been characterized by the results of all atmospheric nuclear tests conducted in the 1960s” Thus Radiation Safety and Nuclear Safety is the essence of the Institute.

The head of the IRSN, Jean-Christophe Geriel, nevertheless explained to Paris: “We will analyze our filters at the end of the week and we will probably find a slight increase in radioactivity, but this should not be taken with any caution” Nothing to worry about then.

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