Dozens of executive orders are arriving on Biden’s opening day

ট্রাম্পের সময়ে যুক্তরাষ্ট্রের যেসব নীতি বদলে ফেলা হয়েছিল, সেগুলো আবার আগের অবস্থায় ফিরিয়ে আনতে বাইডেনের কাজ শুরু হবে দায়িত্বের প্রথম দিন থেকেই।

His future Chief of Staff Ron Klein gave the idea of ​​those executive orders to reporters in a memorandum on Saturday.

With Biden’s inauguration next Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s four-year term ends.

Biden has promised to reinstate United States policies under the Tron, even before the onset of the coronovirus epidemic.

Ron Klein said one of the executive orders Biden would issue on his first day in office included re-joining the United States’ Paris Climate Agreement.

The 2015 agreement collectively promises to reduce emissions so that global warming does not exceed pre-industrial levels by 2 degrees Celsius. So far 189 countries have signed the agreement.

Trump disappointed the world by announcing that he would withdraw America from the Paris Climate Agreement six months after assuming office in 2016. His announcement came into effect on November 4, the next day of the US presidential election.

Democrat leader Joe Biden promised during the election campaign that if he was elected, he would bring the United States back to the Paris Agreement.

Just a few weeks after his inauguration as president, Republican Trump moved to change immigration rules. At the time, access to the United States was blocked from seven Muslim-majority countries. Currently, citizens of 13 countries are facing strict restrictions on visiting the United States.

Ron Klein said that his successor Biden would issue a new executive order lifting the travel ban in seven Muslim countries on the first day of his term.

The announcement to extend the duration of the previous order, suspending the obligation to repay education loans, will also come on the day of Biden’s inauguration. Eviction activities will also be stopped for failure to repay installments of housing loans.

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As promised, Biden will travel from one state to another and make the facade compulsory in all federal government institutions.

Most of these executive orders will not require congressional approval.

In addition, Biden will announce the draft of the much-awaited new immigration policy in the United States, paving the way for the legalization of millions of unregistered migrants. However, the implementation of this policy will require the approval of the United States Congress.

In addition, Biden’s 1.9 trillion incentives for the coronovirus vaccine and already announced economic reform in Congress are gaining momentum as his party, the Democratic Party, heads the House of Representatives.

Klein said that a large part of Biden’s first day promise would be implemented within nine days of his inauguration.

This would include increased coverage of coronavirus testing and prioritizing US-made products in government procurement.

“The new president, Biden, is going to take office at an important time for the nation,” Klein said. He had promised during the election campaign that he would keep these issues in mind and make the country better. “


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