Drought: Why the return of rain is not necessarily good news

Drought: Why the return of rain is not necessarily good news

The rain should return to Belgium on Monday 15. If the rainfall is too heavy, it can cause flooding, as Paris-Normandy explains.

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TookHe made the video viral on social networks. Posted by the University of Reading in England, it shows three cups of water on three different lawns: a smooth lawn with copious water, a lawn slightly paler than “normal” heat, and a ground full heat wave. After roasting. The cups are folded down.

When a grassy lawn greedily absorbs water in about ten seconds, the heat wave-weary land is still impenetrable after four minutes. “This experiment shows how long it takes for dry soil to reabsorb water,” writes the university. It shows how dangerous heavy rains can be after a period of drought, which can lead to flash floods.”

light rain needed

On a large scale, this occurs when repeated heat waves and frequent heat waves dry up the land, explains Paris-Normandy, Good rainfall is essential for moistening the soil and absorbing water in it. However, “in August, we cannot expect an autumn disturbance with good rain that gradually penetrates the ground”, explains Meteo France, even though it “remains a welcome episode, because It hasn’t rained for weeks. »

flood risk

When asked by The HuffPost, Tristan Amm, forecaster for Meteo-France, warns about the risk of runoff associated with thunderstorms in France: “We would like to avoid very heavy rain to avoid the risk of runoff, we will stabilize Will give priority to disturbances with rain. several weeks to moisten the soil”.

He also warned of dry thunderstorms, which form when temperatures are unusually high and humidity is low, “so the rain evaporates before it hits the ground.”

On FranceInfo, the spokesman for France’s firefighters, Eric Brocardi, for his part confirmed fears of “significantly significant flooding (…) from the start of the school year”, such as Hurricane Alex, which cried 2020, in the Tiny and Vesubi valleys, and caused 10 deaths.

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