Earthquake in Thessaloniki – What do seismologists say

Earthquake in Thessaloniki - What do seismologists say

A weak earthquake was felt in Thessaloniki on Monday night.

According to the revised resolution of the Geodynamic Institute, the earthquake was 2.7 Richter, its focal depth was located at 7.4 km, with a focus 9 km east of Thessaloniki.

What do seismologists say

Professors of seismology and geophysics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki reassured the 2.7 magnitude tremor that had occurred sometime earlier in Thessaloniki with a focus on Choriatis, from the same fault that a 3.8 magnitude earthquake on 28/12. had come. degree. ,

“We can’t talk about concern. This particular fault hasn’t caused major earthquakes in the past and so we can’t say much more. There’s no sign of anything major. If it happened in the morning, very little People must have understood it. There is also no connection to the great earthquake of 1978, as the fault lies about 15 kilometers east of the epicenter of today’s earthquake” emphasized the local website, earthquakes of Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University Professor of Science, Manolis Scordilis.

For his part, Kostas Papazachos, professor of geophysics at Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University, was even more convinced.

“The magnitude of the concern in Thessaloniki should be proportional to yesterday’s tremors. If I show you the map, there are dozens of such earthquakes recorded in Greece every day. We don’t even need to discuss it” he told said.

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