Ecuador’s presidential plane lands in America

Ecuador's presidential plane lands in America

Washington DC

Presidential plane Ecuador to do this emergency landing On Saturday in Washington DC, USA. Was also taking the plane Ecuador’s President, Lenin Moreno.

informed of AFP, Sunday (31/1/2021), the Ecuadorian Ministry of Communications announced that Moreno and his admission were fine. They do emergency landing Due to a technical problem.

Ecuador’s Ministry of Communications said, “The presidential aircraft suffered mechanical failure after take-off from Washington DC and had to make an emergency landing.”

“Moreno and all the passengers on the plane are fine and will return to Ecuador in the next few hours,” he said.

In the announcement, it was not stated in detail where the problem was in the aircraft. The announcement simply stated that everyone on the board was doing well.

Prior to that incident, Morena paid an official visit to the United States. He recently met with several officials, including the US President, Joe Biden.

In addition, Moreno also had a meeting with IMF Executive Director, Georgieva. During the meeting, the IMF provided Ecuador with US $ 6.5 billion.

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