Emmanuel Macron: “Putin made a historical and fundamental mistake”

Emmanuel Macron:

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had committed “a historical and fundamental error” by attacking Ukraine and is now “isolated”. “I think, and I told him, that he has made a historical and fundamental mistake for his people, for himself and for history,” Macron said in an interview on the 100th day of the conflict.

“I think he isolated himself. It’s one thing to isolate himself, it’s a hard way to know how to get out of it”, Emmanuel Macron also underlined. The French president reiterated that we “should not humiliate Russia” – a remark very badly regarded in Eastern Europe – “so that the day the fighting stops, we can find a way through diplomatic channels”.

Pressed to move to Kyiv, while many of his European counterparts have already been there, he replied: “Today, I don’t do anything out”. “We want to increase financial and military assistance to Ukraine. And, finally, do everything to get grain from Ukraine,” he said, contradicting Vladimir Putin, for whom exporting this grain “is not a problem.” “

He also specified that the delivery by France of Caesar guns to the Ukrainian military would be “compensated”. “I asked our industrialists to accelerate the production of weapons, it is not only a question of restructuring our stock, but also of strengthening our independence”, the head of state insisted.

The French head of state also referred to the controversy over pension reform. It will come into force “from the summer of 2023”, assured Emmanuel Macron in an interview with several newspapers of the regional press. “Work on pension reform, which is necessary to finance our changes, will begin after this council (national refinancing intended to define a new method of governance, editor’s note) and reform in the summer of 2023. will apply”, announced the head of state.

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legislative election

Emmanuel Macron wants to bring together a “National Council” with “political, economic, social, allied forces” as well as a number of citizens after the legislative elections, in order to “achieve” five objectives that are specifically will affect purchasing power. and for ecology.

“I accomplished five objectives during the campaign: freedom (industrial, military, food…), full employment, carbon neutrality, public services for equal opportunities and democratic rebirth with reform. To achieve them, I am a national I want to bring the Council together, for Refoundation, with political, economic, social, allied forces, elected representatives of regions and many citizens,” the President of the Republic said in an interview with several dailies. Regionals aired Friday nights. “This advice, which I myself will launch, will be launched immediately after the legislative elections of 12 and 19 June”.

“Outraged” by the scenes of chaos at the Stade de France

Emmanuel Macron said on Friday he was “annoyed” by “what we saw” at the Stade de France during Saturday’s Champions League final.

“I was like all those people who are outraged by all the forms of this disorder and what we’ve seen. I have a thought for families who are upset, who haven’t been able to get to the places they were. , therefore I want us to be able to compensate them as soon as possible”, he underlined in an interview with the regional press, reiterating that he asked “the government to determine the responsibilities and give them to our compatriots, the British as the smallest Asked to tell about the details. And the Spaniards”.

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