[En continu] A quick test may be enough to make a diagnosis.

[En continu] A quick test may be enough to make a diagnosis.


More and more voices are rising to ask for shortening the quarantineIncluding Lucerne’s Health Minister Guido Graf

In France Emmanuel Macron says he considers his comments “completely” unrelated

Our Follow-up of the Day on Friday

The threshold of 300,000 deaths from Kovid-19 has been passed in Mexico

Mexico is the 5th worst-affected country in the world in absolute terms, after recording 28,023 new cases this Friday, the second highest figure since March 2020 out of a total of four million people. Sixty-eight deaths have been recorded in the country in the last 24 hours.

Samia Hearst: “In the current situation, the quarantine measures are losing their effect”

So did Samia Hurstow, vice president of the federal task force. Said on RTS on Friday evening, due to the rapid emergence of the Omicron version. “The usefulness of quarantine is primarily based on its ability to quickly remove people who are at greater risk of becoming infectious. However, these characteristics are questioned when there are so many cases”.

In Belgium, don’t “pee” unvaccinated people, but instead harbor the virus

Asked about the French president’s statements, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Cru said he “wants to disturb the virus and not disturb the people”, in an interview with Le Soire newspaper published on Saturday. In , expressing his disagreement with Emmanuel Macron’s controversial remarks on the unaffiliated. “Clearly, this is not my terminology”, reacted the liberal leader, who “warns against a policy of division that would involve leaving an angry part of the population”.

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“I, for my part, think that we should harbor the virus and not bother people,” he said, acknowledging that “to harbor the virus, you need to vaccinate as many people as possible” . “I still think it’s better to convince people than to coerce them.”

A quick test may be enough to prove that you are positive.

The Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) plans to adapt the screening strategy. After a rapid antigenic test positive for coronavirus, there should be no need to do PCR test in future.

“As soon as a decision is made, the canton and laboratories will be notified,” a spokesman for FOPH told Keystone-ATS on Friday evening. Returning to information published online by NZZ and Blick.

In the event of a positive rapid test, there is a high chance that a person is indeed infected. A “false positive” test is very unlikely in the current epidemiological situation.

This is why the FOPH wants to review its screening strategy. Currently, the result of a quick test is not enough to make a definitive diagnosis.


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