End of winter and early spring celebration in Benjamin Council

End of winter and early spring celebration in Benjamin Council

Hundreds of Benjamin residents celebrated at the end of the winter festival organized by Benjamin Council at Psagot Winery to mark the end of winter and the months of closure

BBenjamin Regional Council Think about how to create a unique experience of taste, smell, good music, shopping and a social gathering for the residents. In collaboration with the Benjamin Community Center and Paragott Winery, the winter festival finally began. According to the Green Label’s instructions, only 300 tickets were marketed and all of them sold out in less than 24 hours.

Magical atmosphere at Pagot Winery at Benjamin Gate, next to the cool breeze in the mountains Benjamin In this season, mention the fairs and festivals in Europe this season. Council and community center officials said, “Benjamin has a lot of potential, some of which are not yet known. You don’t have to go abroad to have a vacation or enjoy the nice atmosphere. Everything is here, really I am closer to home. “

Business owners in Benjamin, as in the rest of the country, have not met customers in a long time, the festival also aims to revive the business, exposing residents to talented business owners and creators in Benjamin.

The air was cold but the atmosphere was warm and visitors were welcomed by street walkers, bonfires and hot wine. Inside the complex, the “Guta Guta” band played fine original music between winter food stalls and local artists’ sales stalls.

A fire was lit in another compound and personal marshmallow kits were given to the celebrants to scorch the fire. Good atmosphere, originality and production quality kept the festival up until late at night.

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Council President Israel Gange Those who came to the festival with his wife said that “residents and friends can finally meet at events. We have all been missing for a whole year. Life here is lively, business owners and ideas just want to break away and the public. Offer the treasure to them. They have, and we are happy when our residents are happy and can go out “after such a year. Happiness in the participants’ eyes said it all. “

The Benjamin Regional Council is considering turning the festival into a tradition and offers to wait for the following similar project: “Early Autumn Festival” in West Benjamin.


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