Erdogan: ‘Europe is reaping what it has sown and will face serious problems this winter’

Erdogan: 'Europe is reaping what it has sown and will face serious problems this winter'

“Europe is reaping what it has sown. Europe’s attitude towards Mr. Putin and sanctions has led him to say: ‘If you do this, I will do it,'” the Turkish head of state said in an Ankara. Said in a press conference.

“Putin is using all the means and weapons at his disposal, first and foremost natural gas. We don’t want that, but I think Europe will have serious problems this winter,” he said, to Turkey ” Will not face such problems”.

The Kremlin assured on Monday that halting Russian gas delivery to Germany via the strategic Nord Stream gas pipeline was the West’s sole fault, according to Moscow, adding that their sanctions were to stop gas infrastructure maintenance.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “The problem of pumping (gas) arose because of sanctions from Western states. There is no other reason for these problems.”

The European Union has decided to gradually impose restrictions on its imports of Russian petroleum and petroleum products. It has also put a halt to its coal purchases, but Russian gas, on which it is heavily dependent, is not currently worried.

Turkey, for its part, maintains good relations with both Moscow and Kyiv. If it provided military drones to Kyiv, it refused to engage in Western sanctions against Russia after the start of its invasion of Ukraine.

Mr. Erdogan announced in early August an agreement on partial payment in rubles for the delivery of Russian gas to Turkey.

According to analysts, the agreement should allow Russia to continue to supply Turkey through the Turkstream gas pipeline crossing the Black Sea.

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In 2021, Russia accounted for about a quarter of Turkey’s oil imports and 45% of its natural gas purchases.


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