Erdogan orders Turkish government to start work on Putin’s proposed gas hub

Erdogan orders Turkish government to start work on Putin's proposed gas hub

“We have ordered joint work with Mr. Putin, our Ministry of Energy and the relevant organization in Russia”, Mr. Erdogan confirmed during an interview with reporters on board about a potential gas hub in Turkey. The return flight from Astana, Kazakhstan, where he met with the Russian President on Thursday.

The Turkish head of state also said that work would begin immediately.

“There will be no waiting on this,” he said, adding that the final hub could be built in the Thrace region in northwest Turkey.

Mr Putin on Thursday proposed building a gas hub in Turkey as Russian gas deliveries to Europe have been hit hard by Western sanctions imposed on Russia, with the European Union taking a stand on gas prices due to increased energy bills due to Russia. Cap has been considered. Offensive in Ukraine.

Putin’s proposed “gas hub” for Europe makes no sense while Europeans seek to reduce their reliance on hydrocarbons from Russia, Paris reacted on Thursday evening.

“It makes no sense for us to build new infrastructure that will allow us to import more Russian gas,” Elysee said.

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