Eric Dupond-Moretti is called to order in the assembly, he loses his words: “Oh my God, but he broke that…”

Eric Dupond-Moretti is called to order in the assembly, he loses his words:

the reason? After more than one tense debate on the bill, which proposes heavy penalties in case of sitting of the House, Valérie Rabault, who presided over the session, asked the Keeper of the Seals to order, a former colleague Wanted to defend: “There is an essential difference between Ms. Cayeux and Mr. Mélenchon, who have been definitely sentenced by the courts.“, he launched into the hemicycle. This first questioning gave him the first comment. Eric Dupond-Moretti, dissatisfied with this counter-argument, continued to discuss and the chairman of the session explained to him: “I told Mr. Piquel that he didn’t need to make personal inquiries… so I enforced the rules and it’s not up to you to do so, thank you,

So the minister remained silent and did not know what to say, his face expressing a certain “shock” at the situation. Internet users took the opportunity to ridicule it on Twitter: “Haha, Dupond-Moretti’s face. We wonder whether what irritates him most is that we offend his ego, his sense of all power and disproportionate pride or if it’s because he’s quietly having his nose blown by a woman.,Oh god, but he broke it. he must be boiling inside” either “In jargon, it is called a lampshade head.“, can we read exclusively on social networks.

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