Eric Zemour refuses to call Elisabeth Bourne “prime minister”, rebel France calls her “a zealous disciple of Macron”.

Eric Zemour refuses to call Elisabeth Bourne

Eric Zemour, the chairman of the Reconquest Party, returns to RTL’s microphone this morning at the appointment of Elizabeth Bourne as Prime Minister. The former presidential candidate also refused the prime minister’s post.

“I welcome the arrival of the new Prime Minister” , did he announce. When the journalist asks him what manly choice Eric Zemour responds: “Prime Minister, it’s ugly in the ear. French, it must be beautiful above all” ,

President of Reconstruction! The presidential election was then heavily criticized, saying it was a “political coup” by Emmanuel Macron. “I’m not a fool. Once again, he appointed a techno prime minister like Jean Castex to take control of everything. It’s a classic Emmanuel Macron”.

Other critics fall on the prime minister

Note that other personalities were critical of Elizabeth Bourne this Tuesday morning. Adrian Quatenense, deputy and coordinator of the La France Insomme party, confronted the 61-year-old woman on Franceinfo’s antenna as follows: “It is good that she is a woman, but you have to see what she represents politically. This is another name for the social misconduct and ecological irresponsibility embodied by Emmanuel Macron” , And to add to a close friend of Jean-Luc Melenchon: “We attribute them to the opening of SNCF to competition, the end of regulated gas prices, reforms in unemployment insurance, the layoffs of labor inspector Anthony Smith, who protested the fact that workers did not have masks in the Covid period. , the fact that it postponed the nuclear reduction plan for 10 years.

“It is not enough to have a CV to portray himself politically, have a balance sheet and intentions, he is an ardent disciple of Emmanuel Macron” Adrian Quattainen concluded.

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Julian Beau, national secretary of EELV (Europe Ecology les Verts), is also on France Inter’s microphone for his criticism. if he recognized that“A woman prime minister again, this is a new good sign”so he said it was “The only reason for satisfaction”, Before backing up your attack: “Elizabeth Bourne’s record in social affairs is a right-wing woman’s record. Expect nothing from this prime minister”, As for the promise of Elizabeth Bourne’s appointment in the context of ecology, Julian Beau responded: “Don’t be fooled by words”,


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