EU suspends trade talks with Australia – Thai News Agency

EU suspends trade talks with Australia - Thai News Agency

Canberra, 1 October – Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan said today that talks on a trade deal with the European Union have been postponed. Meanwhile, the controversy over the termination of a $40 billion submarine contract with France by the Australian government has had a greater impact.

Mr Tehan declined to comment today, saying. Did the submarine deal contribute to the suspension of trade talks? But only confirming that the 12th round of trade talks between Australia and the EU that was due on 12 October had to be postponed by a month, Tehan said he would meet with European Commissioner for Trade Valdis Dombrowski. The 12th round of trade talks to be held in November instead of October next week will be discussed. Australia announced last month that it had decided to cancel an agreement with the French Navy Group to build diesel-powered submarines for Australia. This will lead to the construction of at least 8 nuclear-powered submarines using US and British technology. The release of the contract has greatly upset France, after an agreement was reached on a tripartite security partnership between Australia, the United States and Britain, known as Augustus. He accused Australia and the United States of stabbing them in the back and calling ambassadors to Australia and the United States. Meanwhile, in a show of solidarity with France, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen questioned whether the EU should enter into a trade agreement with Australia.

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