Eui-yong Eui-yong talks with Blincoln in London today … do you meet Motegi in Japan?

 Eui-yong Eui-yong talks with Blincoln in London today ... do you meet Motegi in Japan?

Visit UK to attend G7 Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers meeting

Yui-yong and Blingen to discuss the situation on the Korean peninsula

Bidenpo’s policy towards North Korea is complete … Will Korea, America and Japan also meet?

Also pay attention to whether the first meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Korea and Japan will take place

Foreign Minister Ui-Yong departs from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 to attend the G7 Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers’ Meeting held in London, UK on the morning of Ui-Yong 2. This is the first time the Korean Foreign Minister has attended the meeting of the 7 Foreign Ministers. / yunhap news

As Joe Biden’s US administration recently finalized a new policy toward North Korea, the foreign ministers of Korea, the United States, and Japan converged in one place. Foreign Minister Yui-Yong Yei, who visited the UK to attend the meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers of the Seven Major Countries (G7), coordinated the agenda of the Korea-American Summit with US Secretary of State Tony Blinkolan on 3 do. Local time) and a discussion on the status of the Korean peninsula will be focused on. In addition, as the possibility of talks between the two Koreas, the US and Japan are predicted, the focus is on whether Minister Chung will have his first face-to-face talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi , Since its inauguration. .

According to the Ministry of External Affairs on the 3rd, Minister Chung left for London, England to attend the meeting of Foreign Affairs and Development Day. Minister Chung will hold a meeting with Minister Blinkolan along with the Foreign Ministers of the US and ROK at 10:30 pm (local time) on the same day. The main agenda is expected to be on the agenda of the ROK-US summit to be held at the White House in the United States on 21st, as well as on the bilateral cooperation of the COVID-19 vaccine and the status of the Korean peninsula.

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The Korean agenda is the situation on the Korean peninsula. As Biden’s administration is at the stage of finalizing a rethink on North Korea’s policy, there is a high likelihood that Minister Blinchol will be able to explain the new policy towards North Korea to the Secretary to this day. In addition, this is expected to happen soon after North Korea announces a discourse aimed at President Biden’s first parliamentary speech, emphasizing diplomacy and condemnation a day earlier, and an in-depth discussion on North Korea’s response.

Minister Blinkole separated from the G7 member states (US, UK, France, Germany) after meeting with US and ROK foreign ministers to discuss the nuclear issue between Iran and North Korea at 7pm on the same day at the G7 Welcome Dinner Planned to participate. , Italy, Canada and Japan). However, Minister Chung does not attend the welcome dinner as Korea participates in this meeting as an invitee country apart from the G7 member.

However, the meeting of the G7 Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers, which takes place before the G7 summit in June, is a place where ministers can discuss various political issues and share their views without being compelled by the bureaucracy. . As a result, it is notable whether a conversation will be held to find clues to resolve the skewed relationship between Korea and Japan, while Minister Chung kept in private contact with UK Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi, who made phone calls Were unable to. Due to deteriorating relations between Korea and Japan after taking office.

As the Biden administration’s plan for North Korea policy is completed, it is highly likely that talks of three diplomatic ministers will be held in the UK, but it is assessed that a separate diplomatic ministership between Korea and Korea There is no high probability of meeting Japan.

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Furthermore, during his stay in the UK, attention is drawn to how he will conduct his diplomatic battle over Japan’s decision to release contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant ahead of the G7 summit.

Meanwhile, Minister Chung will attend the G7 Foreign Minister and Development meeting on 4-5th. In this G7 meeting, issues such as the situation in the Indo-Pacific region, open societies, health and vaccines, climate change, education and gender equality will be dealt with.

On the afternoon of the 6th, the 6th Korean-English Diplomatic Strategy Dialogue will take place at the Chevening House in Kent, a suburb of London, with Foreign Minister Dominic Rab. After Brexit, the Minister and Secretary planned to discuss ways to develop stable relations between the two countries, global issues such as the status of the Korean Peninsula and regions, climate change and health, and successful hosting between the two countries help. G7 Summit.

/ Reporter Kim Hye-rin [email protected]

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