European Court rejects Dutch appeal against pulse fishing ban

European Court rejects Dutch appeal against pulse fishing ban

European Union Justice on Thursday rejected an appeal filed by the Netherlands against the ban on pulse fishing. It is a technique in which the fish are put into a trap by means of electric shock.

Since 2019, Europe has banned some methods of fishing, Such as the use of explosives, poisons, narcotics, electric current and pneumatic hammers. Our northern neighbors wanted this provision to be repealed, but the European Union Court rejected their arguments.

Despite the ban from 2019, the use of electric pulse trolling remained possible until the transitional period until June 30, 2021, and under certain strict conditions. Countries previously had the option of banning pulses fishing at the national level. For example, Belgium already did.

The Netherlands appealed against the ban. It argued that Europe did not rely on the best available scientific advice. However, the European Court of Justice argues that the legislator has broad discretion in the field of fisheries and is not bound to base his choice solely on scientific and technical advice.

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