European Medicine Agency Approves Modern Vaccine

Avrupa İlaç Ajansı'ndan Moderna aşısına onay çıkmadı

According to Dutch Medicine Evaluation Board (MEB) President Tone de Boer, modern developed by Vaccination There are many questions still to be answered.

According to information from the EMA, the American pharmaceutical company, the vaccine developed against Kovid-19 EuropeWednesday will reconsider the application for approval for use.

The European Medicines Agency Scientific Committee on Human Medicines (CHMP), which includes representatives from 27 EU member states, to discuss the request for approval of the modern vaccine convened on Monday.

It was previously announced that the CHMP would meet on Wednesday, January 6. However, the meeting was brought forward after the producers delivered the requested documents to the EMA headquarters in Amsterdam last Thursday.

‘This is no exception’

Delivering a statement after the meeting, which continued until the evening, De Boer, chairman of the Dutch Medicine Evaluation Board, said that the expected approval for the modern vaccine had not been received.

According to the BBC, the Dutch official said, “We expected otherwise, but such things could happen. This delay is not uncommon, indicating that a careful process of vaccine approval is being done,” he said.

According to de Boer, there are still many questions about the modern vaccine, and without adequate answers to these questions, it would not be possible to launch in Europe.

The Dutch official did not answer the question of what obstacles exist with the modern vaccine.

De Boer said the issue would be reconsidered in the CMP meeting to be held on Wednesday.

MODERNA is using RNA technology

On 21 December the European Medical Agency was developed by BioNTech under the leadership of Pfizer and ineszlem Türeci and Uğur ğahin. Coronavirus He agreed to the vaccine.

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The modern vaccine, which is said to provide 94.5 percent protection against Kovid-19 as a result of tests, uses an RNA technique similar to the vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNotech.

However, the modern vaccine can also be stored at -20 degrees, like the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine, at -70 degrees. It can be preserved in the refrigerator for 30 days after melting. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine can only remain in the refrigerator for 5 days after thawing.

European Union ties up with MODERNA for 80 million doses

The EU Commission signed an agreement with Modern to purchase 8 million doses of the vaccine. The agreement includes the EU’s option to purchase an additional 80 million doses.

The modern vaccine, if approved, would be the most expensive vaccine purchased by the European Union. Europe will buy the modern vaccine at 18 euros per dose, paying 12 Euros per dose for the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine.

Vaccines will be introduced to European citizens 16 and older.


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