European Parliament targeted by computer attack after vote on Russia

European Parliament targeted by computer attack after vote on Russia

The website of the European Parliament, which is holding plenary meetings in Strasbourg from Monday to Thursday, was the target of a computer attack on Wednesday afternoon. Shortly after the first announcement, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola clarified who claimed the attack. “a pro-Kremlin group”Making links with the resolution recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, which MEPs approved by a large majority a while ago.

The organization’s spokesperson, Jaime Dutch, announced the attack on Twitter around 4:00 p.m., confirming that access to the site had been disrupted. For example, accessing the texts voted on during the plenary session was already virtually impossible only a short time ago.

Among these lessons, a widely approved motion during the midday voting session, is calling for Russia to qualify as a state sponsor of terrorism and to establish a European legal framework around this notion. Shortly afterwards, the site was completely inaccessible.

,Website accessibility is currently affected due to high levels of inbound traffic.” the spokesman said. ,This traffic is related to DDoS attack“Become a “Distributed Denial of Service Attack”“, aiming to make the service unavailable by overloading it with requests. European Parliament teams “Working to resolve this issue as soon as possible”He added.

Three and a half hours later, the President of the European Parliament has to tweet himself. According to Roberta Metsola, “Parliament has been subject to a sophisticated cyberattack”, and “a pro-Kremlin group has claimed responsibility for it”. “This happened after we declared Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.”

“IT experts” from the European Parliament are working hard to stop the attack and protect our system“, specifies the Maltese. Who concludes:”My answer: Slavic Ukrainian” (“Glory to Ukraine,

At first, the institution’s communications service made no connection between the computer attack and the vote on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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