Ex-wife satirizes Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Ex-wife satirizes Pakistan PM Imran Khan
Criticism of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is not new. However, this time his ex-wife Reham Khan was taken aback. Reham Khan alleged that when he was going to his cousin’s wedding, his car was set on fire. However, she revealed that she was in another vehicle at that time and the driver, PA, was in her car. He said that the bike-borne miscreants opened fire from very close range.

“Is this the Naya Pakistan that Imran Khan is predicting?” He made a sarcastic performance. “Welcome to the kingdom of the cowards, the wicked, the selfish,” said Eddeva. Reham Khan tweeted, “I want to live in Pakistan as an average citizen and die in Pakistan. They attacked me like a coward on the national highway. This great government should be responsible for this attack. I am ready to die for my motherland.” with passion.

However, he expressed his impatience that the Islamabad Police is yet to provide the copy of the FIR on the incident. He said that he had not slept the whole night and was unhappy with the delay in registering the case. Reham Khan clarified that he was not alone, but his concern and anger about the well being of his employees.

Reham Khan also has British citizenship. He is best known as a journalist, writer and film producer. Reham married Imran Khan in 2015. The two separated in the same year.

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