Expert: Lu 003 aircraft carrier is stronger than US Ford class aircraft carrier


PLA Type 003 Aircraft Carrier

The new satellite image clearly shows that the new Type 003 aircraft carrier ship built by China in Shanghai is much larger than the two aircraft carriers in service, including the “Liaoning” ship and the “Shandong” ship.

According to a Naval News report, a slingshot takeoff / arrest cable recovery (CATOBAR) configuration is expected for the 003 aircraft carrier, and it should be capable of carrying heavy combat aircraft. The analysis suggested that this should further improve the PLA’s combat power, survival and long-range navigation capabilities.

Overall, the size of the Type 003 aircraft carrier is equivalent to that of the US Navy super aircraft carrier. Although its flight deck is very large, specific data can only be obtained when it is built. According to satellite images, the length of its waterline is approximately 300 meters, which is less than the 317 meters of the American Ford-class aircraft carrier, but longer than the previous aircraft carrier. For example, the ship “Liaoning” and the ship “Shandong” are about 270 meters long.

Compared with existing PLA aircraft carriers that fly by skidding, the catapult takeoff would mean an upgrade in combat power. Since the first two Chinese aircraft carriers do not have catapults, they will not be able to deploy AWACS-600 aircraft carriers. The analysis revealed that the Air Police-600E-2D “Advanced Hawkeye” is similar to the ground version of early-warning aircraft, which could increase the status awareness of the aircraft carrier battle group.

The analysis assumes that the 003 aircraft carrier of this early-warning aircraft will form the Navy of China, after the United States and France, to become the world’s third navy with fixed-wing carrier-based early warning aircraft.

The most important difference between the 003 aircraft carrier and the Ford class aircraft carrier is that it is not expected to adopt nuclear power. However, its propulsion system is still more advanced than the Soviet era steam turbines of the first two aircraft carriers. However, it remains to be seen whether it will adopt an integrated electric propulsion (IEP) system.

The analysis believes that although the lack of a nuclear propulsion system may limit warfare, the maritime supply ship will be able to supply with it and with necessity.

(Zhongshi News Network)

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