Experts fear Vladimir Putin will demonstrate nuclear power over the Black Sea

Experts fear Vladimir Putin will demonstrate nuclear power over the Black Sea

This Tuesday, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace canceled all his appointments to visit Washington, and for good reason: Many observers fear more and more that Vladimir will use nuclear weapons over the Black Sea to show force.

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In a context where his troops are losing ground, the Russian president may be tempted to show Western leaders what he is still capable of. On the battlefield, Putin’s men face defeat after defeat and continue to retreat. The leader confirmed last month that he would be ready to use nuclear weapons to defend his country’s territorial integrity.

For his part, Joe Biden said that we were never close to a disaster as big as the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

And according to a source close to Putin, Russia is running out of high-precision armament, as well as long-range missiles like the S-300. : “Russian stocks are significant but not infinite. When we look at the number of missiles fired in recent months, we tell ourselves there is a problem. »

Recently, Russia’s use of Iranian-made drones has strained diplomatic relations between Tehran and Kyiv. The British Foreign Secretary said: “These are the desperate actions of a man who lost the battle on the battlefield. So we sent air defense missiles to Ukraine. It will not break our resolve to stand with Ukrainians. ,

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Western officials have also confirmed that Putin’s army is short of officers, both in the region and at high strategic levels.


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