Explosion in Kovid case, this country could be ‘next India’

Explosion in Kovid case, this country could be 'next India'

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The current Kovid-19 case in Nepal is a matter of concern. This is because this week, the country’s daily infection cases have started to hit the record of more than 9 thousand cases. It is a renewed apprehension that the Himalayan country may have the same fate as its neighbor India.

In the latest daily infection report data that fell on Thursday (6/5/2021), the country recorded 9,070 daily infections, with 54 deaths. With this data, the total infection in Nepal so far is 359,610 people and 3,475 deaths.

To make matters worse, Nepali health experts say that the reported cases in recent months with almost no exposure to talmutol do not represent its true prevalence. It is estimated that the actual cases are much larger than the data released today.

Assistant Professor of Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine, Drs. Bingwala Shrestha told Xinhua, “The only data released by the Nepalese government are those that are tested after developing symptoms of the disease.”

“If you test among everyone in the community, you can find many times more infections than currently reported cases.”

Nepal reports about 20 daily Kovid-19 cases per 100,000 people, which was reported from India about two weeks ago. Both countries have direct boundaries.

Citing government data, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said last weekend that 44% of Nepal’s Kovid-19 tests were positive.

Nepal Red Cross chairman Drs. “What is happening right now in India is a strict preview of Nepal’s future, in which we cannot include this latest Kovid spike, which claims more lives every minute,” Netra Prasad Timasina said in a statement. Used to be.” C.n.n.

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In the capital Kathmandu, the number of beds has increased from 60 to 90, with Sukhraj Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases occupying beds of infected people in all rooms, corridors and emergency departments.

“We are in no position to move forward,” the hospital’s director, Dr. Sagar Rajbhandari told the Kathmandu Post.

“We don’t have space to increase human resources or the number of beds.”

Doctors said the crisis could quickly get out of hand if authorities failed to take immediate action to level the curve because many health workers had become infected.

Not just the community, all 17 Mount Everest climbers in the country were reportedly sent home because they were infected with Kovid-19. This has created new fears that other climbers are also infected.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Nepal, Prime Minister Sharma Oli, has come under heavy criticism for dealing with the epidemic. Recently, he has been criticized for his vaccination management, which leads to queuing and congestion.

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