Facebook clamps down on groups that are breaking its rules that prevent the spread of political and social messages.

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The social media platform Facebook has taken a new decision. Facebook’s decision is very important for people sending messages, photos and videos to the group. In fact, Facebook has created new rules for sending harmful content to groups. Facebook will now close groups that break the set rules associated with the group platform. The company will also take action against the members of the group who will be seen repeatedly breaking the rules of the company. Let us tell you everything about these rules:

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Facebook also said in a blog post that it would stop offering potentially harmful groups to people. The company also said that members of groups and groups who violate the rules will be given access to limited things on Facebook. Facebook further said that we know that we have a big responsibility when we recommit our content to people.

This will be done on users who break the rules
Let us know that Facebook had earlier said in its statement that it will ban the posting of people posting Violation content in any group for a limited time. Its time limit can be between 7 and 30 days. With this, such users will not be able to add new members to the group and create new groups on Facebook.

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On the other hand, if there are many members in a group who are repeatedly posting wrongly, then Facebook will temporarily take approval from moderators and administrators for all posts. The content of such groups will not be shown to viewers until it is approved. If the group administrator approves the offensive post, then the entire group can be banned.

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