Fans of “Russian Popeye”, who injected a mixture of oils into their biceps, are worried!

Fans of

For years doctors have been trying to convince Kirill Tereshin that he is in danger of losing both hands. The social media star-turned-MMA fighter has weapons worthy of “Popeye” as he injected a mixture of oil, alcohol and lidocaine into his arms. But the 24-year-old did not want to listen to the advice of Russian professionals. Three years ago, his muscles began to deteriorate and Kirill was forced to undergo surgery.

The situation worsened last year and his health was at risk: “I’m only 24 and my immune system is plagued by this inflammation. I really don’t know what to expect,” he told the New York Post at the time.

If the operation performed by him was a great success, then Kirill’s fans are now worried about him. reason ? His arms are still so big! That’s why they’re asking the 25-year-old Russian to seek emergency medical help before anything serious happens.

“Popeye…they really are going to explode”, “soon it will be too late” or even “go to the hospital”, write it to your customers on TikTok. Others like to take Kirill’s unusual physique as a joke: “His hand is pregnant”, “Stay away from sources of heat for their own safety”, “Dubai said, they want to recover their oil”, They joke.

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As a reminder, “Russian Popeye” began to inject this mixture at the age of twenty, as he was not sure of his appearance. “I went to the gym for two years before I did my military service, but the results were disappointing. He feared losing weight in the military and being bullied because of his short stature. From that moment on he followed the advice of his worried mother. Wanted to change his face.


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