Farthest score among European countries: “We see it getting closer to power” (infographic)

Farthest score among European countries:

Third in France last April, Second in Sweden a few weeks ago, Today favorite in Italy, Europe has the most right-wing edge , To establish a list, each member country of the European Union has a map showing the scores of far-right parties in the last legislative elections.

The darker the country, the higher the far-right’s score.

To Benjamin Byrd, Research Fellow at Crisp and Lecturer at UCLouven, “It is true that we are experiencing a new wave in the development of the extreme right. Its peculiarity is that it presents itself as Vaidyavya by making its speech normal.,

Because if it is possible to see the countries where the extreme right has collected the most votes at a glance here on this map, then it is still necessary to bring some nuance to this palette of grays. ,the tracks are really a bit blurry today“, confirms François Debras, lecturer in the Political Science Department of the University of Lige.

scrambled tracks

“The far right has changed its rhetoric since the 1990s, François Debras continues. At that time, a series of laws appeared in various states of Europe, including France and Belgium. For example, against inciting racial hatred, for recognition of certain genocide, against homophobia, etc. And therefore, the far-right parties are required to revise their discourse and color it positively with terms like ‘democracy’, ‘popular sovereignty’, ‘secularism’, ‘equality between men and women’, ‘rights minorities’. has been forced to. ‘ e.t.c.

defame a political party

“This would confuse the issue because these are terms generally associated with left-wing parties. So we are no longer facing Democrats on one side and Nazis on the other. We are facing a gray area of ​​parties that will model Democratic parties in their own words to increase their electoral results and distort the political party.

France is a clear example of this. A National Rally (RN) that has distanced itself from the roots of the National Front, It also had the effect of creating a split within the electorate with another, more radical party during the previous French campaign, embodied by ric Zemour. “RN wanted to de-demonstrate himself and distance himself from his father and his sulphurous phrases. He offered a lot of discourse on secularism and gender equality. He also changed course regarding the EU. She no longer wanted to get out of it and was considering paying off the debt to France.”

it happened even more to the right than to the far right

“For some she has become too ordinary: in the pursuit of power, she has lost the core tenets of her political party. Marion Marechal is gone. And a new personality emerged: Erik Zemour. He is with more from the extreme right. Clearer, more embodied speech with the principle of great substitution, for example.


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