Father’s Day 2021: When is it officially celebrated in Chile?

Father's Day 2021: When is it officially celebrated in Chile?

There is legislation that sets a date, but the popular celebration takes place on another day. Get all the details at t13.cl.

The arrival of the sixth month of the year also brings with it a special celebration. father’s day, a day which, for the second year in a row, will be marked by restrictions as a result of the pandemic coronavirus in chile.

The date of the celebration was born out of the idea of ​​recognizing the parents, whether biological or not, who were present during the raising a son or daughter.

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in that line, as with mother’s Day, there is a law that decides the day In which parents should be celebrated. Although there is also a commercial date.

For this reason, in T13.cl we tell you what law u when is it celebrated officially holiday.

When is Father’s Day in Chile?

According to law implemented in Chile, the father’s day the day falls June 19.

although popular festival indicates that father’s day It is always located on the third Sunday of the month.

In other words, Father’s Day 2021 will be celebrated on Sunday, June 20.

It is noteworthy that the celebration of this date can be greatly affected by the possible restrictions that Ministry of Health nearby step by step plan and use mobility pass.

and does he father’s day It will be the first celebration of a family nature to be held since the implementation of the greatest freedom for those who completed their vaccination process.

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till now, no official announcement from Government in this matter.


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