Father’s misrule ends: Britney now free – NEWS 360 – WORLD

Father's misrule ends: Britney now free - NEWS 360 - WORLD

WASHINGTON: A court has ruled that Jamie Spears, father of world-famous pop star Britney Spears, has been removed from the role of guardian. Los Angeles Judge Brenda Penney has ruled that the singer’s father should be immediately removed from the parenting office for “good” and that someone else be given temporary charge. This marked the end of Brittany’s years of struggle.

The order states that Jamie’s father has no right over Brittany’s property. For 13 years, Britney’s father arranged life and concerts. Spears reportedly harassed 39-year-old Britney Jamie. Britney’s fans were present outside the court. Fans rallied with placards demanding that Jamie be sent to jail and Britney to be released.

When father made life hell

Jamie also leaked Britney’s phone calls. Jamie also secretly installed a device that would record all the conversations in Britney’s bedroom. The singer’s former security guard said in the documentary Controlling Britney Spears that Britney was like a prisoner.

In the complaint, Brittany’s lawyer said that Jamie was acting as Brittany’s boss and was causing her a lot of aches and pains. Jamie’s only goal was financial gain. Brittany was not even allowed to have her own lawyer.

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