Finland still the ‘happiest country in the world’, here’s where Belgium stands

Finland still the 'happiest country in the world', here's where Belgium stands

Finland was named the “happiest country in the world” for the fifth year in a row on Friday, in a ranking where Lebanon and Afghanistan close the march and where Belgium ranks 19th ahead of France.

With a score of 7.82 out of 10, the Nordic country of 5.5 million inhabitants is ahead of Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, at the top of the ranking unchanged and dominated by European countries, and especially from Northern Europe.

“The three biggest increases were in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. The biggest declines were in Lebanon, Venezuela and Afghanistan”“According to the “World Happiness Report”, an annual study sponsored by the United Nations was launched ten years ago. Lebanon, rocked by unrest and a severe economic crisis, thus scored 2.95, behind Zimbabwe and just last Ranked ahead of Afghanistan, again this year with a score of 2.40.

The study, published from 2012, primarily used Gallup polls, which asked residents their own levels of happiness, cross-references with GDP and assessments about solidarity, individual liberty, and levels of corruption, to arrive at a composite score. is called for.

According to official rankings of nearly 150 countries, Germany and Canada have dropped one place to 14th and 15th respectively, just ahead of the United States (16th, +3), which weights the data for the past three years. . Belgium is ranked 19th with a score of 6.80 (-2), ahead of France, 20th, (6.68), “its best ranking since the study exists”, while the United Kingdom is 17th (unchanged).

Among the other great powers, Brazil is ranked 38th (-3), Japan 54th (+2), while Russia has dropped to 80th (-4) in this edition completed before the invasion of Ukraine. China jumped 12 ranks to 72nd, India remains at the bottom of the rankings (136th) but has gained 3 places.

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