Following the accusations by Sedat Pecker, the ‘auxiliary’ operation from internal affairs: what they aim for is democracy, not individuals

Sedat Peker'in iddialarının ardından İçişleri'nden 'muavinler' harekatı: Hedefledikleri, şahıslar değil demokrasidir

Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs Tayyip Sabri Erdil and Ismail Katkali made a statement on social media following allegations by Sedat Pekar, leader of the organized crime organization.

The statements of Internal Affairs came one after another after the allegations of organized crime organization leader Sedat Pekar.

Deputy Minister of the Interior Tayyip Sabri Erdil said, “Their aim is democracy, not the individual, it is the national will.” Horses don’t die just because they wanted dogs! ”Used expressions.

‘Their aim is democracy and national will, not the individual’

In his post on Twitter, Deputy Minister of Interior Erdil shared the following statement:

“1) Those who want to create chaos with souful relations against the will of the nation, they should know that people are intelligent, even if they are not scholars … – They see and know these games.

2) Internal and external dirty alliances are exposed and their intentions are revealed. – Their goal is democracy, not the individual, national will .. – The nation always has the strength and determination to overcome them .. ”

Screenshot-2021-05-24-00-17-29. Png

“Horses don’t die just because they wanted dogs!”

smail ataklı shared the following on Twitter:

“-PKK -DHKP-C -FETO -MAFYA -US, UAE and the henchmen inside them .. all in one non-citizen! The picture is clear! We see you! We see both the devil and the orbiter! #SoyluBakanaSelamOlsun


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