For Joe Biden, a Russian attack on Ukraine is “entirely possible”

For Joe Biden, a Russian attack on Ukraine is

On Tuesday, Russia announced that it was withdrawing armed troops currently stationed on the Ukrainian border. A decision that Joe Biden has yet to verify at this stage.

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YouA Russian attack on Ukraine is “quite possible”, but we must “give diplomacy every chance”, US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday.

The start of Russian troops’ withdrawal to the Ukrainian border, as mentioned by Moscow on Tuesday, “will be positive” but “we have not investigated it at this stage”, he said, confirming to the contrary that estimates of these troops are now “greater”. Is. 150,000″, remained in “dangerous condition”.

If Russia invades Ukraine, sanctions are “ready,” Joe Biden also indicated. These “powerful” measures will especially put “pressure on their largest and most important financial institutions and key industries”, with the President of the United States also confirming that the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany will never come to fruition. . In action in the event of a Russian attack.

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He also said he was “ready to respond” to any “asymmetric attack” against the United States or its NATO allies, which could include cyberattacks.


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