‘For people like you, I can’t do anything’: youth accuses airline of homophobia after plane goes missing

'For people like you, I can't do anything': youth accuses airline of homophobia after plane goes missing

On 26 May, 27-year-old Frenchman Samir was on his way to Tunis to attend a friend’s wedding. But all did not go according to plan at Orly airport for the young man who told his story to the people of Paris.

As he had not managed to check-in online for his flight with Transavia, Sameer went to the airport to finalize his check-in on site. However, after queuing at the wrong place without knowing it, the Parisian is diverted to another counter while the check-in time for his flight is running out.

“I reach the gentleman at 3:14 p.m., and he starts talking, talking. I ask him to register me, and then he looks at me and says ‘I’ll give you your passport too’ Not asking, it’s 3:16 PM The recording is over. I can’t do anything,'” says Sameer, who urges the Transvia employee. And the latter tells him: “For people like you , nothing can be done”. Sameer, shocked, asks him what he meant by this, and the man repeats the same words to him: “You understand very well what I am talking about. Am. For people like you, there is nothing I can do”.

“I was on my ass because I thought it was a joke […] This is the first time that I have experienced subtle homosexuality”, Samir told our French colleagues.

Deprived of a trip to Tunis, the young man then decided to condemn the behavior of the Transavia employee on social networks. And the company ends up contacting its staff member by message, apologizing for his behavior. In an official press release sent to Le Parisien, Transavia condemned “unacceptable behavior that does not in any way reflect the company’s values ​​or commitments”. “Transavia France does not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” the statement said.

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Sameer, who obtained new plane tickets after difficult negotiations, decided to file a complaint against the company hoping to “change things” and prevent such a situation from happening again.


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