For the recording of dead bodies by Kovid-19, they ask a hospital worker in Kukata to resign

For the recording of dead bodies by Kovid-19, they ask a hospital worker in Kukata to resign
Stretcher due to deaths from coronovirus at Erasmo Meoz University Hospital facilities in Cúcuta / (Tvcúcuta).

It went viral on social networks on Thursday 17 December A video that records the number of dead bodies in Colombia as a result of COVID-19 results.

This time, An official at Erasmo Mayoz University Hospital in Ciucata shared the images with his friends and followers where he warned about the severity of the infection and not enforcing self-care and biosecurity protocols..

North orange Recorded 16 corpses wrapped in black bags and located in the facilities of the Cucutino Hospital. You can hear the words of what he mentions:

Look, who died last night, in one night … it’s not a game

In addition to the warning about the dead, the man who apparently works as a hospital counts the bags one by one until the figure of 16 is reached.

The images show 14 bags stored in a freezer, while two more remain to enter outside. Most likely, the cremation process was performed later.

They request the orderly resignation

As reported by the regional media Tvcúcuta, From the Erasmo Maze Hospital, he has requested the resignation of the employee after mass dissemination of images.

The reason for his possible departure, according to Tvcúcuta, is due to the fact that according to hospital officials, the man may have violated one Confidential agreement ‘, A fact for which he has not fired him at present, but is awaiting his resignation as an orderly.

The data relates to an orderly calculation made by data provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection on 17 December, where Norton de Santander’s department appears fourth among those who died of coronovirus: with 16 victims.

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The most recent count in Norte de Santander shows a total of 451 contagion cases, in addition to 98% occupancy in ICU beds in the department on Saturday, 19 December.. Among the most worrying figures, it was noted that The number of daily infected people in the country has exceeded since the epidemic began, as they were the last record of 13,990 positivity.

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