Forest fires keep burning in Greece

Forest fires keep burning in Greece

Wildfires engulfed vast areas of remaining forests in Greece today, Saturday as wildfires engulfed more populated areas after burning down dozens of homes, facilities and farms.

A fire threatening the most important national park in Greece’s capital has killed a volunteer firefighter while at least 20 people were injured in the fire, during the country’s worst heat wave in 30 years. Thousands of residents and tourists escaped the flames by land and sea.

In horrific scenes during the night and on Saturday, ferries evacuated 1,153 people from a coastal village and beaches, an island of rugged mountains and forests frequented by tourists and campers, a giant that burned for several days. All other means of escape were stopped after the forest fire. And people were holding the children. They carry the elderly on chairs while climbing the small ghats for safety.

Another major fire broke out in Mani’s southern Peloponnese region, where Eastern Mani’s deputy mayor Eleni Draculaco told state broadcaster ERT that 70 percent of his area had been destroyed.

Several strong fires exhausted the Greek fire-fighting forces to the maximum. She appealed to the government for assistance through the EU’s emergency aid system. Firefighters and aircraft arrived from France, Ukraine, Cyprus, Croatia, Sweden and Israel on Saturday, with more expected from Romania and Switzerland, according to the Associated Press.

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