Former Speaker of the British House of Commons John ‘Order, order!’ Berco Switch to Labor | abroad

  Former Speaker of the British House of Commons John 'Order, order!'  Berco Switch to Labor |  abroad

Former British House of Commons Speaker John Burko switched from Conservative to Labour, British newspaper reports Guardian. With this move, there is a fierce attack on the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Berko is known for his brilliant way of shouting ‘Order, arr-duh-rrrr.

According to Burko, conservatives have become “reactionary, populist and sometimes even xenophobic,” he said in an interview with The Observer. Bercow resigned in 2019 after serving as the ‘Speaker of the House’ for 10 years. He says that he went to Labor a few weeks ago because he felt that the party was the only way to topple the current government.

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“I am inspired by the support for equality, social justice and internationalization. That is Labor,” Bercow said. The president called Johnson “a successful campaigner, but a lousy executive”.

Burko joined the Tories at the age of 17, describing himself as a former ‘hardcore right-wing man’. By 2000, he had moved to the liberal, international side of the party. When he became the chairman in 2009, he had to cancel his membership.

During his time as chairman, Bercow became less popular among party members. They could not appreciate his intervention against Brexit.


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