France buried its health pass: what are the new rules?

France buried its health pass: what are the new rules?

The French Parliament has definitely accepted the health bill. But there is a provision for resumption of negative PCR tests before entering the area if the health condition worsens.

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VsThe end of the health pass on our neighbors. After deputation, it was the French senator who on Tuesday adopted the health bill in relation to the “end of extraordinary regimes” against COVID (with 209 votes, 30 against and 104 votes). The text is the result of a concerted agreement reached between the Assembly and the Senate last week. and was largely rewritten by a right-wing senatorial majority. Since the legislative elections, there has been no question of creating a presidential party without other political forces.

Simply put, the text spells out the state of health emergency from August 1. Restrictive measures of daily living – which were adopted in the wake of the health emergency – such as health passes, compulsion to wear masks, confinement or the establishment of curfews can no longer be restored.

However, there are still safety measures in place, especially for travellers: the French government may require people over the age of 12 to present a negative test in two cases.

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First, for international travel and overseas territories: presentation of a negative test before boarding an aircraft bound for French territory to the government if a dangerous variant appears in a country and is likely to pose a serious health hazard may be required. Secondly, the same provision may apply to travelers from foreign territories, always in the event of a dangerous variant. But be careful, now only the negative test will be valid: the vaccination certificate and exit proof of recovery.

The text opens up the same possibility (mandatory presentation of a negative test) in the event of a risk of hospital saturation in foreign territories. But nothing can be imposed without prior consultation with the local authorities and the elected MPs of the community concerned.


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