France: “Freedom Convoy” arrived in Paris, police proceeded to verbalize and arrest (photo)


Thousands of anti-vaccine protesters who came in convoys from across France and camped at the capital’s gates took to the street again on Saturday morning to enter Paris and determined to demonstrate despite restrictions by police headquarters.

At 6:00 a.m., the prefecture had already issued 95 orally, she announced on Twitter. One figure is continuously increasing throughout the morning. Around 11 a.m. 283 wordings were made.

Before 10 a.m. this Saturday, according to information from the prefecture, police had already stopped 30 vehicles trying to enter the capital at Porte de Champert and another 20 at Porte Maillot. 450 cars are also being intercepted at Port de Saint-Cloud. Police said fines would be imposed on those traveling in the vehicles.

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In parallel with these vehicle blockades, five people were arrested inside the capital, Denfert-Rochero (XIV arrondissement) place. They had gasoline cans, knives and hammers.

The protest movement was formed in Canada on the model of mobilization that paralyzed Ottawa.

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This vaccine brings together adversaries that secure access to people immunized against Covid-19 for a good number of places open to the public (restaurants, cinemas, etc.) but protestors for social demands, purchasing Even on power and energy costs. ,

Cars, motorhomes and vans were halted on Friday evening on the outskirts of the capital, departing from across the country.

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Among the instructions scattered within the movement: the call to join the most famous Parisian artery, the Champs-lysées.

An AFP reporter said some vehicles and mobile vehicles of the demonstrators were present on the avenue of Zendrum.

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An AFP photographer said armored vehicles were also parked on the floor of the Arc de Triomphe, a monument at the top of the Champs-lysées.

The deployment of these armored vehicles is the first since the demonstrations of the “Yellow Vest” social protest movement that arose in the fall of 2018 are also present in the current convoy with opponents of President Emmanuel Macron.

Paris, France.
Paris, France. – Photo news.

“This moment is important, this is peaceful, we are not here to break up,” said a 40-year-old AFP journalist arrested at a rally site in the forest of Fontainebleau in the south, who wished to remain anonymous. Paris, before returning to the capital.

Prime Minister Jean Casteux promised to be inflexible: “If they block traffic or if they try to block the capital, you have to be very firm”, he warned.

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“We are all collectively tired of what we have been going through for two years. This fatigue is expressed in many ways: disorganization in some, depression in others. We see a very strong mental anguish (…). And sometimes this fatigue also turns into anger. I listen to it and respect it,” President Macron said in an interview with the regional daily Ouest-France.

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“But I call for the greatest of peace,” he said.

Two months before the presidential election in France, the government says it plans to remove vaccination passes by the end of March or early April. With the exception of transport, masks will no longer be mandatory in closed places subject to passes from February 28.

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Police renumbered 3,000 vehicles overnight for 5,000 protesters, some of whom intended to join one of four anti-pass marches planned from 11:00 a.m. in Paris.

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