France: Gendarmerie shot and killed a man after killing five people, including three children

France: Gendarmerie shot and killed a man after killing five people, including three children

A man in his twenties was trapped in a house.

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YouA man in his twenties was shot dead by GIGN on Wednesday after killing five members of his blended family at a home in Dover (Ann) where he had been hiding since Tuesday evening.

The suspect was armed with a rifle and a katana (Japanese sword) when gendarmes present on the spot interfered with GIGN’s reinforcements since Tuesday evening, a source close to the file specified to AFP. “The interlocutors tried to contact him throughout the night, but to no avail and the attack started in the morning,” the source said.

Five people, members of a blended family of which the perpetrator was a part, were found dead in the house. The details of family ties have not yet been definitively established. When asked by AFP, the Bourg-en-Bresse prosecutor’s office did not want to comment on the case at this stage. They should publish a press release at the end of the afternoon.

22 years old

The family had been living in the house since July 2020 and “began investing in the village”, according to Christian Limousin, mayor of Douvers, a small neighboring town of Ambrieu-en-Bugey. An acquaintance of the family indicated on the spot that the author of the slaughter was 22 years old and worked at a fast food sign in a nearby town.

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“At 8:30 this morning, Gender told me not to open my bar,” Tania, 30, who has run the village cafe since March, told AFP. “The mother of one of the victims called me to inform that she has not been able to reach her daughter since yesterday,” the shopkeeper said.

A huge security cordon has been built in the middle of this village with a population of one thousand, whose main road has been closed. One hundred lingams, including envoys from the AIN group, GIGN branch and criminal investigation technicians, were on the spot.

The play is one of the deadliest family murders in France in recent years. In October 2020, a father murdered his wife, two children and two nephews in Noise-le-Sec (Seine-Saint-Denis).


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