France’s Macron tests positive for Covid-19

France's Macron tests positive for Covid-19

Macron is the world’s leading leader in testing positive for the virus, including President Trump, Britain’s Boris Johnson and Brazil’s Jer Bolsonaro. All have recovered.

Last week’s French presidential tour saw him interacting with several heads of state, at least one of whom, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, is parting ways after a meal with Macron at the élysée Palace in Paris on Monday. The prime minister of France, Jean Castex, who is also in touch with the Mac Krone, said that they too would be separated. France Media Agency Report.

But Maron Krone also met face-to-face with leaders of 24 EU countries at a summit in Brussels last week on Thursday and Friday. (Two leaders were absent: Croatia was ill with Kovid-1, and Estonia was different.) Ahead of the summit, some diplomats were concerned about the health risks of meeting in person. A spokesman for the European Union did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the leaders present should now separate.

French authorities have informed the European Union that they believe Macron is a contagious threat from Monday evening, meaning that leaders attending last week’s summit are not considered contacts, an EU official said, to discuss the health situation explicitly. Spoken on condition of anonymity.

Sanitary measures were taken at the summit and no other participant tested positive, the official said. It was not immediately clear why France believes Macron has been infected since Monday evening.

In any case, not all European leaders appeared to believe in Elysee’s assurance that the Moron Crown was not infected last week. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crow said he had been tested for the Covid-19 and would sit in a room with Macron – quarantine until results were obtained – along with most of the rest of Europe’s leaders – about 24 hours straight after noon on 10 December.

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This week, in addition to Sanchez, Macron also met with European Council President Charles Michel on Monday and Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the day before his diagnosis, Mron Crown held a cabinet meeting, although it was not immediately clear if it happened in person and, if so, whether all participants wore masks. Elysee Palace did not immediately respond to questions about the details of the meeting.

His spokesman, Berend Letts, wrote on Twitter that Mitchell had to take precautionary measures “as a matter of precaution,” adding that “he had a negative test on Tuesday and was not considered a” close contact “. “

The French first lady Brigitte Mac Krone is similarly self-isolated but currently has no symptoms, according to a statement from her husband to AFP. She tested negative for Corona virus Just like on Tuesday, his office fee said, in advance for a pediatric visit to a hospital in Paris.

In late October, an increase in infections prompted Macron to issue Another national lockdown, The country’s second since the epidemic began. When the inevitable shops Started opening again Late last month, bars and rest restaurants must be closed in January and the evening curfew is in place.

The exceptions will be allowed on Christmas Eve so people can “share these moments in the family,” Maron Crowe said.

While the number of new infections Showed a slight improvement After nearly a month-long lockdown, hospitals seem more saturated than they were during the first wave in the spring.

Vaccination in France is scheduled to begin in late December or early January and will not be mandatory, Maron said.

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Macron’s positive diagnosis raises immediate questions about the conduct of the Brexit talks, which need to be concluded in the days when Britain and the European Union are likely to ratify the trade deal by December 31, the day London breaks its final ties. The possibility of an additional individual summit in the next two weeks to finalize began.

European policymakers have complained that negotiations on thorny issues are almost impossible when they are carried out virtually, as most happened since March.

Macron has been one of the most stubborn European leaders during the Brexit talks, and his sign-crucif is crucial to any Brexit deal.

Ellis did not elaborate on the specifics of Macron’s position, but a spokesman said he would still preside over Thursday’s meeting on development via videoconference separately.

Bernabeum reported from Brussels. Rick Knock of Berlin and TO Armos of Washington Washington contributed to this report.


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