French legislative election: Manuel Valls announces his abolition and leaves Twitter, discover the first results of votes abroad

Elections législatives françaises: Manuel Valls annonce son élimination et quitte Twitter, découvrez les premiers résultats des votes à l'étranger

Invested in the presidential majority in the 5th constituency of French people living abroad, Manuel Valls announced his abolition in the first round on Sunday evening, a new furore for the former prime minister, who was to run for municipal elections in Barcelona in 2019. failed to be selected.

Even before the official results were published, he said on Twitter, “I note the results (…) by the Ministry of External Affairs.

“It’s up to me to draw the result clearly. Life is quiet enough to turn the pages,” Mr. Walls said.

This fifth constituency of French people living abroad, including Spain, Portugal, Monaco and Andorra, saw the Nupps candidate, Renaud Le Bere, who came first according to his training, before being called up to block in the second round and almost There are 120,000 registered voters. ,

“Goodbye Twitter…”, he said, possibly before closing his account, which was no longer available on Sunday evening.

Note that other results of the French vote abroad are expected overnight from Sunday to Monday.

Other Known Results

Polynesians, who voted on Saturday, put candidates invested in the presidential majority in the lead in the first (Nicole Bouto, 41.9%) and the second constituency (Tepurauri Teritahi, 33.2%). On the other hand, in the third constituency, it was the outgoing Moetai Brothersson, who sat with the Communists in the assembly, who came out on top, two points (34.2%) ahead of the Macronist candidate.


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