French Presidential Election 2022: Discover the Latest Elections

Election présidentielle française 2022: découvrez les derniers sondages

As the presidential campaign nears its end, candidates are increasing the number of speeches and other opportunities to meet their potential voters. From midnight this Friday, they must respect complete silence (including on social networks) until voting. The rule also pertains to elections, the results of which can only be published in France by Friday evening. In recent times, the media has been very much involved in presenting statistics and forecasts, in which a clear trend emerges. Pay attention to the latest polls this French presidential election.

1) RTL Poll: Macron loses wings, Le Pen revives

RTL published this Friday morning survey Macron remains in the lead, but looks to narrow the gap with his main rival, Marine Le Pen. Thus the outgoing president is credited with 26% of voting intent and therefore loses one point compared to the previous BVA poll for RTL and Orange. The candidate of the Assembly National collects 23% of the voting intention (+2 points compared to the previous vote) for her part. He is followed by the candidate of France Insaumes, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (17.5%) of the voting intention, who received two points higher than the previous poll. They are followed by Valerie Pecres (9.5%) and Eric Zemor (8.5%).

This BVA poll for RTL and Orange also saw a second round, potentially pitting Marine Le Pen against Emmanuel Macron. And once again, the RN candidate is drawing closer to the head of state. Le Pen would receive 47% of voting intentions (+1.5 points compared to last week).

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2) LCI-Paris Match-Sud radio survey: Only 2 points separate Macron and Le Pen

In an Ifop fiduciary poll for LCI, Paris Match and Sud Radio, the difference between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen is stark. The French president dominates the race for the Elysee with 26% voting intentions (-0.5 compared to the previous vote), but is closely followed by candidate RN, who has 24% voting intentions (no change from the previous one). collects. In third place, we are Jean-Luc Mélenchon (17%, -0.5 points), followed by Valerie Pecres (9% – no change from the previous survey) and Eric Zemour (9% – -0, 5 compared to the previous survey). find. ,

3) L’Oubs poll: Zemor ahead of Pecrese

the major trio is the same Odoxa Survey – L’Obs – Mascaret , However, the decline is slightly higher for Macron (28 percent of voting intent, -1.5 points, compared to the last poll published by L’Oubs on March 15) and the rise is slightly higher for Le Pen (24% of the vote). Intentions: +4.5 points). The far-left candidate, placed third, totals 16% (+2.4 points) of voting intent. In fourth place, we find this time Eric Zemor (8%) and in fifth place, Valerie Pecres (7%). , Note that the margin of error is about 1.8, making Marine Le Pen likely to be in the lead during this first round. “This is far from being the most likely scenario, but it is no longer statistically impossible”, Odoxa general manager Céline Braque explained to L’Obs.

4) Le Parisien Pol: A very tough second round

Published this Thursday evening by Le Parisien survey Ipsos-Sopra striae in which Emmanuel Macron falls short of the two studies mentioned above. The French president is thus on 26.5% of voting intent (-0.5 points compared to the previous poll by Le Parisien). No less important is the rise of Marine Le Pen. It only increases by one point and thus achieves 23% voting intent. In third place is Jean-Luc Mélenchon (16.5%, -0.5 points). Then, we find identical Eric Zemour and Valerie Pecrese, who both receive 8.5% of voting intent. It is followed by Yannick Jadot (5.5%), Fabian Roussel (3.5%) and Jean Lasalle (2.5%).

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For a possible second round between Macron and Le Pen, it is the French president who will win. this survey , with 53% voting intentions. Marine Le Pen would record 47%. Note that the margin of error is about 3.3 points.


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