French presidential election: Marine Le Pen’s winning move, now at the door of the Elysee

Marine Le Pen

After demonetisation of views, the RN candidate has carried out a strategy to malign his image in recent months. a profitable strategy.

The gap between incumbent President Emmanuel Macron and National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen is narrowing in the event of a confrontation in the second round of the presidential election, according to the latest polls.

A few days before the first round, only three digits now separate the two candidates. If the duel oscillates between 53-47% and 58-42% in March, the latest poll underlines the collapse of Emmanuel Macron’s 51.5% voting intentions, compared to 48.5% for Marine Le Pen. The 53-year-old national rally candidate is starting her third presidential campaign and seems closer than ever to Elysee.

Today, Marine Le Pen praises her project, saying “Completely Viable, Legally Reliable and Financially Sustainable” and took care to erase the brimstone past of his father, Jean-Marie Le Pen’s party. ,It’s a job he started many years ago, when he took over the presidency of the National Front, Cage underscores Virginie Martin, a French political scientist and teacher at the business school. When we take a closer look, we find that it took 10 years for this work of demonetisation and detoxification to take a more social turn. Today his party is at the forefront of workers and the unemployed, embracing questions of uncertainty mixed with questions of immigration. This is how she got away from her father, whom she had thrown out of the party.”


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