Freya, a young female walrus, has become a real star in Norway: the animal can be euthanized.

Freya, a young female walrus, has become a real star in Norway: the animal can be euthanized.

Norwegian authorities announced on Thursday that they are considering euthanizing the walrus Freya, who has become a summer star in the Oslo fjord, endangering the lives of the public and animals.

Despite constant calls to stay away and not disturb the mammal, Freya, a young female weighing around 600 kg, continues to attract a lot of attention, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries explained in a press release, in support, showing a photo There has been a crowd of spectators in the vicinity of the Walrus.

“Reckless behavior by the public and disregard for the recommendations of the authorities may endanger lives”, Underlined a spokesperson for the Directorate of Fisheries, Nadia Jadaini.

“We are now exploring additional ways of which euthanasia may be a real alternative”, He added.

Walruses usually live in even more northern Arctic latitudes, but Freya, whose name refers to a goddess associated with love and beauty in Norse mythology, has been bathing in the capital’s waters since July 17.

After starling in the summer, the animal has been filmed to swim under its own weight while chasing birds or boarding boats (a walrus can sleep for up to 20 hours a day), doing damage in the process. . Important

But, despite instructions, the animal is harassed by curious people who bathe nearby or have excessive contact, sometimes with children, to photograph it, the fisheries department said.

“His well-being has apparently diminished. The walrus has not had enough rest and the experts we are talking to believe he is stressed”, Ms Jadani argued.

A protected species, the walrus feeds mainly on invertebrates such as mollusks, shrimps, crabs and small fish.

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While he does not usually attack humans, according to officials, he can feel threatened by unwanted people and may attack them.


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