“From working to doing nothing, it’s weird”

Neil Trotter’s life changed on one Friday in 2014. That year, Britain won over £108 million, or more than €120 million, in EuroMillions. At that point, he had become the fourth biggest winner in the history of the sport across the channel.

Eight years later, he came back to the victory that changed everything… but also the problems he faced. Because if he admits that he “always knows” that he will get rich, Neil didn’t expect it to cause trouble. “I knew I would one day be a millionaire. I somehow knew I would win the lottery,” he told The Sun. The man tells the realization he had the day before the draw. “I took my secretary to work. Told also. ,

Once his winnings pocketed, Neil was able to make his dreams come true: buying a house with a lake, dedicating himself to his love of motor racing by buying luxury cars… but he accepts. says that his life was “quite boring”. “Going from working to no longer working was a very strange thing that I got used to. »


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