Full employment, tax cuts, energy, military… Emmanuel Macron unveils his presidential program

Full employment, tax cuts, energy, military... Emmanuel Macron unveils his presidential program

Emmanuel Macron began by taking stock of the current political and social situation: social movements, epidemics, terrorism and wars in Europe … “The French have gone through many crises in recent years,” he said. “This new era that is ours is marked by the return of crises”, for which we must prepare. “But we also have big changes to experience: climate, demographic, technological transition and the challenge of our democratic societies”, the outgoing president also noted.

To deal with this, “I do not believe in turning ourselves on. We must respond with a clear solution and therefore the ability to prepare ourselves, to better control our destiny as a nation and as an individual.” for”, he said immediately. ,

Macron thus gave rise to three philosophical elements that would guide his political project for the next few years: a return to popular sovereignty, a belief in scientific and technological progress and humanism.

Strengthen national and European military capabilities

While France has just taken over the French presidency of the Council of Europe, Emmanuel Macron wants to advance his European policy and “make France a more independent nation in a stronger Europe”.

“Freedom is not absolute,” said the LREM candidate. “We have to cooperate, but there are some things you can’t delegate.” Emmanuel Macron Wants To “Reinvest In A Complete Army Model” , According to him, the military programming law currently in force should be supplemented by cooperation at the European level.

“We must continue to gain flexibility and adaptability to our forces” and thus invest in advanced technologies. “We must reconsider the agreement between the nation and the military,” said Macron, who also wants to normalize universal national service, dual reservist capacity for the military, and also increase police and gendarmerie reservists. It also wants to prepare a civil mobilization plan taking stock of the capabilities of citizens and major companies in the event of a serious crisis.

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Investing for French agricultural, industrial and creative freedom

Emmanuel Macron wants to continue to transform agriculture by moving towards higher quality, more short circuit and organic. To accomplish this, I want to strengthen the Action on Renewal of Generations with a law to support young farmers. At the same time, he wants to review the European agricultural strategy to achieve “European food sovereignty over protein”.

The outgoing President wants to strengthen the productivity of companies and thus invest 30 million euros in research in areas such as space, nuclear, digital … Macron also announced the redundancy of CVAE (Contribution on Value Added Companies).

energy independence

Macron wants to reduce France’s reliance on fossil fuels by developing nuclear, wind and solar power, and by providing incentives for the purchase of electric cars, especially for “low-income households”.

Full employment in 5 years

“We have to do more work,” assured Emmanuel Macron, describes it as “a state of independence from France”.

He announced that he would aim for “full employment” within five years, thanks to reforms to “promote return to work” of the unemployed, a goal he said was “achievable given the decline in unemployment since 2017. doable”. Retailer for his program Presidential Election, he proposed a new reform of unemployment insurance, renaming the poll employee “France Travel” on the model of “work contracts” for young people, as well as reforming the RSA to counterparties. subordinated.

Candidate LREM also proposed reform of the RSA by ensuring “better support and a better balance of rights and duties” and “an obligation to devote 15 to 20 hours per week to an activity that allows for professional integration”. . “Yes, we need monetary support, but we need more than that”, the outgoing president continued: “Recognize everyone’s dignity” and “ask part of the effort for all who can”.

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social benefits at source

Emmanuel Macron has pledged to automatically pay social assistance “at the source”, which he says will benefit the “20 million French people” who receive RSA, activity bonuses, housing assistance or family allowances. In fulfillment of this 2017 promise, he said he wanted to “simplify” this aid so that all French people who deserve it can receive it, but also fight against fraud.

Retirement age and succession rights

Emmanuel Macron wants to gradually push the legal retirement age to 65. The outgoing President also wants to reduce the amount of inheritance tax, by increasing the allowance on succession in a straight line as well as an indirect line.

50 billion euro program

The candidate estimates the cost of his program at 50 billion euros per year, to which tax cuts, half benefiting families, half businesses, will be added 15 billion per year. He said these expenses, particularly for education, health and autonomy, would be financed exclusively by savings through pension reform, with the postponement of the retirement age, and unemployment benefits.


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