Garzon warns that delaying Alex Saab’s transfer compromises his health

Garzon warns that delaying Alex Saab's transfer compromises his health

Spanish lawyer Baltasar Garzón, a member of Alex Saab’s defense team, explained this Friday the reasons why Cape Verde’s national police have so far failed to comply with the Barlovento Court of Appeal’s decision to transfer the Venezuelan diplomat Is. Priya for health reasons.

Through a video posted on his Twitter account, Garzon recalled that, since 31 August this year, “the Barlovento Court of Appeal has agreed to the immediate transfer of the diplomat, His Excellency Mr. Alex Saab, from the island of Sal to Praia. expressed, for his deteriorating health, for his precarious health, for the extreme and delicate circumstances in which he finds himself so that he may seek medical help”.

Similarly, Garzon highlighted the intention of the government of Cape Verde to reach even more extreme positions in violation of international law and human rights, for which he pointed out that the small African nation is in the crosshairs of organizations and the international community.

“We do not know the reasons why Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab has not been transferred. Unless, it is intended to break the boundaries immutable by Alex Saab, perhaps for international law, human rights and health.

In the end, Garzon, on behalf of Alex Saab’s international defense team, demanded that “this situation be terminated immediately; the transfer is ordered and duly treated, by specialist doctors and doctors of his trust, thus the court.” obeying orders”.


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