Gas leakage in poultry processing factory | 6 killed

  Gas leakage in poultry processing factory |  6 killed

Six people have died in a liquid nitrogen gas leak at a poultry processing plant in northeast Georgia.

Officials say 12 more people have been hospitalized following an incident on Thursday at the Foundation’s Food Group factory in Keynesville.

Georgia is a leading state in the processing and production of poultry meat. As well as Keynesville

Thousands of people work in the chicken processing factory in the city.

The cause of the gas leak in the factory known as Prime Bag Foods is being investigated on Thursday.

After the incident, a total of 130 people have been taken to a local church for medical assistance.

Officials said five people died at the scene and one died after being taken to hospital.

Beth Downs, a spokesperson for Northeast Georgia Hospital, said three of those taken to the hospital were in critical condition.

Many of the injured have been recovered and have returned home from the hospital along with three firemen.

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