GENTZ: Initial assessment refers to a bombing of a ship in the Gulf of Oman from Iran

GENTZ: Initial assessment refers to a bombing of a ship in the Gulf of Oman from Iran

Israeli Security Minister Benny Gentz ​​says Iran is looking to attack Israeli infrastructure and Israeli citizens, and everything related to “Israel” in general, and bombing an Israeli ship in the Gulf of Oman Investigation is going on.

  • Gantz: The Iranians want to attack “Israel”

Israeli security minister Benny Gantz talks about the Israeli ear channel An Israeli ship exploded in the sea of ​​Oman On Thursday, “the investigation into the case continues, but we can say; Iranians are looking to attack Israeli infrastructure and Israeli citizens, and on everything connected to Israel in general.”

Gantz said, “The location of the ship, which is relatively close to Iran, is appreciated by thinking that the matter concerns Iranians, but the matter should be investigated, and” Israel “will continue to operate anywhere.

He added that “the bombing charge on Iran is related to a preliminary guess, and we will continue to investigate the matter in depth through the use of intelligence and other matters.”

The Cannes Channel reported yesterday that “Iran considered an” extraordinary and dramatic incident “, to pressurize the US administration to return to negotiations, targeting an Israeli ship in the Gulf of Oman. The channel claimed that” Iran Biden is attacking the ship in the Gulf of Oman to put pressure on the administration. “

Israeli Channel 13 stated in this context that “all Israeli intelligence services, whether the Intelligence Division or the Mossad, have clearly determined that it is an Iranian attack against an Israeli ship.”

The correspondent affairs correspondent at the channel said, “This attack is not the type after which we will see a rapid and esoteric Israeli response. This is another incident, and in the background, Irani claims that Mossad was the one. Mohan Killed Mukherjade. “

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“Such an operation cannot be ignored. It is a spectacular operation aimed at causing a lot of damage to the Israeli-owned ship,” he said.

Channel 13 reported yesterday that the massive ship that was targeted in the Gulf of Oman “has a floating car park above the water, so it’s important,” adding, “We don’t know who did it, but it’s clear Is that this ship could not sink. “

According to the Israeli channel, “it means that the case here is about a small operation with a big sign,” noting that “if the issue is an Iranian operation, it is connected to” Israel “with a big game , And it is an operation, although it is small, it is a very smart operation. ”

The British Maritime Business Operations Authority and a maritime security company said on Friday A ship was exposed to an explosion in the Gulf of Oman Thursday

The “Dryad Global” maritime security company said the vessel under consideration is “MV Helios Rai”, a vehicle owned by “Hales Rai” Ltd., registered in the “Isle of Man”, an Israeli company.

According to the “Dryad Global” company, “the ship was heading from Dammam in Saudi Arabia to Singapore.”


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