Germany: A teenager built a fake Covid screening center and got 6 million euros

Germany: A teenager built a fake Covid screening center and got 6 million euros

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YouThe 17-year-old German set up a fake COVID screening center and collected nearly six million euros in reimbursement from the doctors’ union.

This young man found that it is easy to earn money by conducting a Kovid test for a contact case. Actually, the latter does not have to pay directly to the examination centers. This young man knew that the organizations conducting the tests would have to send an invoice to a consortium of doctors approved by the German health insurance services (Kaisenertzlichen Vereinigung).

Later, the doctors’ union reimburses the cost to the centers that conduct the tests on an invoice basis.

In four months, this young German billed about 500,000 tests and received 5.7 million euros from KV.

The amount deposited in his bank account was not noticed. “The rose pot was discovered due to the vigilance of an employee of the bank where the young man had an account, who was astonished to see the income of this simple student”, explains the daily. Alsace. latest news from,


The bank employee contacted officials who, after an investigation, deposited the money to return it to a union of doctors contracted by German health insurance services.

This Monday, the young man was sentenced to a fine of 1,500 euros, which he must pay to a public utility organization.

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