Germany and 4 other countries are proposing to use an EU article that was never activated

Germany and 4 other countries are proposing to use an EU article that was never activated

The initiative, which includes Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovenia in addition to Germany, aims to transform existing EU battle groups into effective forces capable of responding to crises quickly.

The new format should include space and cyber capabilities as well as special forces and air transport.

Recent events in Afghanistan have once again shown that the EU must be prepared to act firmly and expeditiously in accordance with the five-nation document.

For this, there is a need to improve the availability, readiness, deployment capabilities and competencies of the forces, it says.

For greater flexibility, the five countries are proposing to use Article 44 of the European Union Treaty, which has never been activated, to form coalitions of member states that share security with the permission of other non-participating countries. want to carry out the activities.

In addition, the document states that existing regional cooperation agreements should be used more effectively.

The document does not make any specific proposals on the size of the reaction force, but only states that the land force should be the size of a brigade, i.e. about 5,000 soldiers.

The current battle group concept provides for two watch groups, each consisting of approximately 1,500 soldiers, and the forces of the various member states are replaced every six months.

There are persistent problems reaching the planned numbers, and only one battle group is currently on duty.

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