Germany shuts down 3 more nuclear power plants

Germany shuts down 3 more nuclear power plants

chernobyl In 2011, the worst nuclear disaster since fukushima After the disaster, it was decided to gradually shut down the activities of nuclear power plants. GermanyIn Turkey, 3 more of the last 6 nuclear power plants were closed.

The Brokdorf, Grohnde and Gundermingen C reactors will be unplugged after 30 years, while the remaining 3 nuclear power plants (Iser 2, Emsland and Neckerwestheim II) will be shut down at the end of 2022. “For decades, we have made a significant contribution to the supply of safe, climate-friendly and reliable electricity in Germany,” said Guido Knott, CEO of Preisen Electra, which operates the Brokdorf and Grohende nuclear facilities, to employees for their commitment. gives thanks. For security.

Renewable energy resources targeting 80 percent of energy demand

The closure of nuclear power plants is now seen as an irreversible step for Europe’s largest economy, despite rising energy costs. Six nuclear power plants in the country will provide about 12 percent of Germany’s electricity generation in 2021. While the share of renewable energy is 41 per cent, the share of coal is around 28 and that of gas is around 15 per cent.

By expanding its wind and solar infrastructure, Germany aims to have renewable energy sources meet 80 percent of its electricity demand by 2030.

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