Germany supports Turkey against Greece in the Aegean

Germany supports Turkey against Greece in the Aegean

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos DandiasoDuring meetings in Berlin in June, German officials demanded that the sale of the submarine to Turkey be stopped. However, the German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-KarenbauerGreece’s request was denied, saying the sale could not be stopped or postponed.

thessano The company signed a contract with Turkey in 2002 for the manufacture of 6 U-214 type submarines.

“Germany continues to support Turkey”

Greek journalist Philip Chrysopoulos‘According to, “The last thing Athens would like to see today is a Turkish navy, especially an underwater fortification. However, despite Greece’s demands of the EU to impose a military embargo on Ankara, Germany has been supporting Turkey in this regard. continues.”

According to Chrysopoulos, Germany is avoiding conflict with Turkey due to immigration problem and both strategic and economic reasons.

“Eliminates the advantage of Athens”

According to a report by The Greek Reporter (GR), “Greece knows that Turkey’s submarine power will increase once the new German U-214 submarines are commissioned, and is watching with concern as Erdogan strengthens his naval arsenal.”

According to the report, these submarines can operate without coming to the surface to access the oxygen that feeds the diesel engine. Thus, the submarine can navigate underwater for weeks without being seen and making almost no sound.

Greece, on the other hand, has four submarines of the U-214 type. but “The fact that Germany accepts to build these ships at Turkish shipyards and supports Turkey by selling this technology to Ankara removes Athens’ advantage.”


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